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Why should well-qualified Charlotte tenants choose your property over all the others on the rental market? You can attract good residents with a competitive rental price and an easy showing and application process. But, they need to feel like your property is right for them; like they’re getting something that they won’t get at the other homes they’ve seen. 

Once you’ve met pricing requirements and location needs, prospective renters will turn their attention to amenities. They’ll rent your property instead of other properties because you offer the amenities they’re looking for. 

As Charlotte property managers, we’ve noticed that certain amenities are more popular than others. We’re sharing our list of must-have amenities that are most likely to attract renters to your property and keep them in place. 

In-Unit Washer and Dryer 

Most good tenants want to do their laundry in the privacy of their own home. They may need to wash something quickly and immediately or they may be night owls who prefer to get their housework done late. No one wants to drag their dirty clothes and linens to a Laundromat. No one wants to wait for the communal washers and dryers to be free in their building. 

Having a washer and dryer inside your rental home will make it more attractive to tenants and also allow you to increase your rental value. This is an amenity that tenants are worth paying for. 

Install an energy-efficient, space saving model. Stackable washers and dryers are great for apartment units or smaller spaces. 

Always mention the washer and dryer in your listing and marketing materials. It’s an amenity that will get the attention of good tenants and inspire them to see your property. 

Basic Smart Home Tech for Charlotte Rental Homes

There’s so much available when it comes to smart home technology. It may not seem worth it to you to invest in these types of upgrades when you’re renting out a property. But, you need to know that it’s a huge selling point for renters and it also positions your property as modern and competitive on the current market. The demands and desires of tenants have changed a lot in the last three years. They want more security, now. They want more convenience and ease. 

Smart home technology provides all that. You don’t necessarily have to completely integrate all of the tech that’s available into your rental properties. That will get expensive. Instead, choose the most important features that tenants will most appreciate. 

Video doorbells, for example, are hugely popular with residents. When you install such a doorbell, tenants will be able to see who is at the front door before they open it. They can log into the live feed via an app on their phone, allowing them to record or to see who is at their home when they’re not there. It’s also a benefit when packages are delivered. Installing a video doorbell does not have to be a huge expense. You can leave it as an option that’s up to the tenant. You can make the technology available, and they can decide whether or not to pay for the service. 

Tenants also appreciate smart thermostats. It keeps their home comfortable, turns on the heat and air conditioning intuitively, and allows them to set and monitor the temperature of the home. 

Take a look at what’s available and provide a few key pieces of smart home technology that will set you apart on the market and make your property more desirable to rent. 

Pet-Friendly Amenities Like Parks and Fences

Tenants love their pets. 

If you’re not offering a pet-friendly property, you’re likely waiting longer to find a good tenant. Our data shows us that well more than half of the tenants looking for a home in Charlotte have at least one pet. They’re going to gravitate towards pet-friendly homes. Pet owners are also more likely to renew their lease agreements. They’ll be easier to retain because they won’t want to struggle to find a new property that allows their animals. They also won’t want to pay another pet fee. 

Allowing pets is essential. If you really want to attract pet owners to your property, you’ll provide some amenities and services specific to the pets. If you’re renting out a building, create a part of the lawn that’s just for dogs. You can put up a fence and call it a dog park. 

Speaking of fences, they’re an excellent idea in single-family homes. This amenity will attract your pet owners as well as tenants with children who like to play outside. 

Upgrade to Hard Surface Floors   

Hard Surface FloorHere’s another amenity that will require some resources but will be well-worth the investment: hard surface floors. Consider tearing up any carpet that’s still in your rental property, and install hard surface flooring instead. This is extremely popular among tenants for a few important reasons: 

  1. It’s more attractive. Carpet that’s even a little bit dirty can look old and yucky. Hard surface flooring, however, looks modern and nice. 
  2. It’s easier to clean and maintain. Those floors, whether they’re tile or vinyl or some faux version of hardwood, are much easier to keep clean than carpet. Spills won’t be traumatic. Pet hair and dust can be swept away. 
  3. They are healthier. Carpet fibers trap dirt, dust, and allergens. If a former tenant had two dogs and the new tenant is allergic to dogs, there’s hardly enough carpet cleaning that can be done to remove all the pet odors. 

There are flooring options for nearly every budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you’ll find that the flooring you install will be much better for your budget than replacing carpet every few years. 

These are some of the general amenities that we always advise rental property owners to consider. Typically, the best decisions for you will depend on the age and condition of your property, however. They’ll also depend on your ideal tenant. 

If you have any questions about how to make sure you’re offering the best amenities with your Charlotte rental property, please contact us at AM Realty. We’d be happy to help.